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Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Last Hours of 2006

OK, just seven minutes left before I get logged off at the internet cafe but...

A HUGE Happy New Year to everyone! What a great year it's been indeed and thanks to everyone for your friendship, encouragement, support, thoughts, prayers, gifts, and all, all the rest. We are so blessed to have such wonderful families and such a great extended group of friends. Thanks to everyone who played a role in making 2006 one of the best years ever. Just a quick thank you list then:

To our parents and grandparents for all your support, for the logistical legwork you always have to do for us, the care packages, the emails... for being great parents.

To our brothers for your friendship, welcome, and kindness. We are blessed to have brothers who are also friends. (Congrats to Mika and Sian for getting engaged this Christmas! Hooray! And welcome Sian to our family.)

To David Firang for everything he did to make our trip to Ghana possible, for all the contacts he arranged, a place to live, and all the rest.

To my uncles Lauri and Reijo and their better halves Mirja and Liisa for welcoming us to Finland and making sure we were taken care of, housed, fed, had transportation... They were absolutely terrific all through the summer. Thanks too to the rest of the Suokonautio and Kosonen families for all your friendship and warmth, generosity and kindness.

To Catherine and her family in Estonia for putting us up. We were friends of friends and still you welcomed us.

To Tim, Martin, Leah, Gemma, Craig and family for helping us in our move from our house in Toronto. To my mom's neighbour Gwen for storing our stuff while we're away. To all of our friends who made sure we were sent off in style.

Oh! I'm out of time. More later then. But thanks again to everyone and again, Happy New Year! We love you.


Carrie Ellis said...

Happy New Year! Wishing you health, fun, and purpose in 2007.

Also, would love to see a picture of your new dress.

Amanda said...

Yes indeed--Happy New Year Would love to see new dress. And more pics of your life in Gha na in general!