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Monday, March 29, 2010

A great weekend

Here are a variety of pictures from the weekend. Many friends and much love...

Ryan and Bella for afternoon coffee at our place.

Sofia and 3 month Oliver (note: he's wearing Dyl's old shirt).
Bella in our yard. We've bought some hockey sticks and were playing some very excellent ball hockey. If you hit Dylan with the ball it was minus 10 points.
Sunday morning my friend Rachel came over with her son Kaleb. I was entertaining the boys by running around the back yard and pulling them in the bike trailer. Much hilarity.
The boys liked this game of climbing the stairs and then propelling themselves from the top into Rachel's arms. She wouldn't do it for me, even though I asked.
This is a wooden rocking horse my dad made as a kid and brought from Finland. Dyl has at last learned how to mount, rock, dismount. I don't think he knows it's a horse though.
He's climbing into all sorts of things, including up into chairs. Caught him looking particularly lovely in the afternoon sun.

Our friend and neighbour Louise took Dyl and me to York Redoubt - an old military base but now a great place for dogs to run off leash. Here in the picture are Yaro and Luna.
Our friend and neighbour Silas is a gardener extraordinaire. Here he's showing me his compost soil in his greenhouse.
Silas and Bilbo.
These two were made for each other.
Very rainy day but Dyl is unphased and loves the bike anyway. He's splash in puddles all day if he could.
There you have it. All's well on this end. Good days at work (as well as good work) for both Chris and I and much friends and family to love. I've really been enjoying our sunny little house lately, especially with the longer summer days.

I planted some seeds last week and made some shelves for under our two large south-facing windows. The tomato has just begun and the first parsley is peeping up. Come spring, come.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Miia's mother came for a short visit last weekend. It was great having her here and I think she had a lot of fun with D-man. We spent one day at our new friend Steve Law's farm, getting to know him and his two little girls, Jade and Maddy.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Delia and Phil

Hi folks,

I'm excited to announce that my short story, Delia and Phil is now available from Rattling Books as an audio download read by a great Newfoundland actor, Charlie Tomlinson, who did a great dramatic job with the reading.

You can download it (for $2.95). Just click on the picture below and download directly once there.
(The story is about half an hour long).

Happy reading!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Five Things

Hi folks, five things:

1) My short story, "It's Muhammad", placed third in the Atlantic New Cultures writing competition. They'll be putting the story up on the website at some point.

2) A short arts piece about a new social justice literary award, which I wrote for The Coast - it was late hitting the website but here it is:3) My column, Wasting Away, about the astounding amount of time, energy, money and natural resources we throw away in the form of perfectly good food - all part of a very sick food system - is at

4) My column on high cancer rates and environmental exposures is up at:

5) Is Sable Island National Park a natural disaster waiting to happen? Find out more at: