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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Here's Miia's good friend Benoit giving us a fascinating lecture on New Caledonian history.


Carrie Ellis said...

Beautiful pictures.

But I'll cut to the chase. The real reason that I'm posting today is because I've been tagged and I don't know who else to tag in turn. It's a little online game where you write 7 random facts about yourself on your blog, and then you tag someone and they do the same. It's not exactly a chain letter and 7 random facts, or 7 random relflections might be really interesting coming from either of you considering your travels. Anyhoo, if you would like to play along, please feel welcome to pop over to my blog at

Carrie Ellis nee Pake First semester University of Windsor many, many moons ago.

Kaufman said...

I prefer listening to elctures about Old Caledonian history. When Benoit has the time, send him my phone number and then we'll talk. ;)

PS The random tagger above this post seems kinda kooky. I've got seven reasons to support my claim but I'll be damned if I have the inclination to list them.

Andy Kaufman nee Hightoagrasshopper University of Worldsville, now and forever. (???)

Carrie Ellis said...

Well I agree. I haven't posted on this blog recently and Miia and I have not been in regular contact. Perhaps it was a late night misjudgement on my behalf. In all sincerity, no offence was intended. Please accept my apology if any was taken.

mavenmiia said...

Hey Carrie, I don't think she'll take any offence, no worries.

Kaufman, I think Benoit knows more about the colonial aspects, most of which involved France. But I recommend Soul & Soil by Alistair McIntosh for a fine examination of Old old Caledonia.

mavenmiia said...

ps. that comment from mavenmiia is actually me, benjibopper. seems she was logged in already on our mutually owned lap-sitting computing aparatus.

Kaufman said...

Sorry Carrie. I jumped the gun (again).