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Friday, July 20, 2007

Audience Poll

I did this poll at my own blog and got some feedback from 'virtual friend' types, but also, if anyone is still reading this thing, would love some of your input.

I have several working titles for my novel [until now called only 'the subway novel' because that's where I wrote a good chunk of it], and I want to get your impressions of them. Knowing that few of you have read anything more than an occasional excerpt, I just want your impressions of the titles on their own, as if you had never heard of me or the novel and were browsing your local bookstore for something new:

Would any of these arouse your curiosity? Make you want to pick up the book and read the back flap? Which is most likely/least likely to do so? What would you think the story was about based on the title? What do they bring to your mind? Do they all suck? Should I scrap them all and start fresh in the morning?

Any comments would be appreciated. Here are the titles:

Control Freaks and Other Skeptics
The Underestimated
Living in the Dirt
Broken Social Contract
The Skeptical Nomads

Thanks for your help,



Pamela & Michael Szala said...

I kinda like 'Subway novel'. I think it tells the reader that you're invested in the writing of the book and I"d be curious to learn more. I also like living in the dirt. To me it seems like you're going to talk about the circumstances surrounding life. I'm not a fan of the skeptics one since I think too many books are judging and sounds like that is the title for such a book.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the feedback. i like subway novel too but it doesn't really fit the themes i'm working with.

Anonymous said...

ps. this is chris posting here and in that last 'anonymous' post.

Melissa said...

Wow, I have to say that "Living in the Dirt" is the only one on the list that I like even in the slightest.

And you've changed that to Embracing the Dirt, right? Because I like that even better. There's more passion/emotion behind that particular title. "Living" is decidedly non-committal, and passive, while "embracing" is active, and therefore more powerful.

As far as what I would expect from such a title (since we didn't get into that in our conversations yesterday), I'm thinking that the dirt refers to a number of things. Possibilities include: living in difficult circumstances, living with marginalized people or as a marginalized person, getting "back to nature"...the "embracing" leads me to think that it's a book about a personal journey...I think of "embracing" as implying that a decision has been made, instead of merely "living in the dirt," someone has made a decision to change their perspective, and perhaps their life. Something like that...

benjibopper said...

Thanks Melissa, yeah that one seems popular. I've kind of gone back from Embracing though - I think it actually gives too much away, themewise. I actually like the ambiguity of Living in the Dirt, leaves much to the imagination. But you've given me much to think about, and I am.

Amanda said...

I too am completely sold on "Living in the Dirt." The others don't do it for me. Interesting to see that I'm not alone on this!

benjibopper said...

Hmmm, slightly different that at the other blog, where living in the dirt was a close second to control freaks and skeptics.

benjibopper said...

I take that back: Living in the Dirt was the most popular at benjibopper too, closely followed by control freaks and other skeptics. If I tally those votes, these votes, and a couple I got by email, and Miia's, it looks like this so far:

Living in the Dirt: 11 votes
Control Freaks and Other Skeptics: 8 votes

Metta said...

Add another raised hand for 'Living In The Dirt', which my brain keeps hearing as 'Digging In The Dirt', a beloved Peter Gabriel song.

If I may act as a lone voice of dissent, none of them really make my socks roll up and down. Seek you a one word title, and you shall gain a champion. I think.

Benowen said...

Not having read your novel yet I will say I would pick up one named "Living in the Dirt" or maybe "The Underestimated" but the others sound like self-help books so I wouldn't touch 'em.

benjibopper said...

MI: Dissent is welcome. I'm not sure my socks are rolling themselves yet either. But I dunno, lots of good titles have multiple words - To Kill A Mockingbird?

BO: self help eh?

So, with some recent verbal votes, we're at 13 votes for Living in the Dirt and 10 for Control Freaks and Skeptics or some variation thereof.