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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Follow-up Title Poll

So, we have two runaway favourites from the suggested titles, which also happen to be my favourites to date. I have altered one slightly to strengthen the language and image. So, just to see if it makes a difference, please tell me 1) which of the two you prefer, 2) why you prefer it, and 3) what you think the novel would be about based on these titles. Here are the two:

God and Other Dirty Sceptics

Living in the Dirt



Melissa said...

I prefer Living in the Dirt to "God...".

The God title I find confusing.
The title implies that God is a skeptic, but that doesn't really make any sense to me. How can God be a skeptic? And rather than finding that question intriguing, I find that it makes me lose interest, since I'm not able to even guess where you might be going with it. Or are you talking about different types of skepticism? Because then it should be "God and other subjects of skepticism" or something like that. And because I find it confusing and nonsensical, the title doesn't paint any sort of picture in my head, and without a picture (accurate or not) to whet my appetite, I have no desire to find out what the book is really about. Oh, and not that it really matters, but I spell it "skeptic." When I see "sceptic" it makes my skin crawl. I know that both spellings are correct, but I react badly for the "c" spelling for some reason.

So Living in the Dirt I like because it sparks my imagination. It creates pictures in my head, and (many) possibilities for what the book might be about. "God..." just doesn't do that. There's nothing visual about God or skeptics, and so nothing for the visual part of my brain, and the "illogic" of the title leaves nothing for the intellectual part of my brain.

Hope that helps.

benjibopper said...

Thanks Melissa, that's one for Living in the Dirt. Personally, I can definitely imagine God as a sceptic, but maybe that's just me. As for spelling, I prefer skeptic too, but sceptic seems to be the more common usage. Sceptic is maybe too close to septic.