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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good NewsIs

Hi folks, Here's what the good news is:

1. I am now the new Sustainable City Columnist at The Coast. Click here to see my first official column (they seem to have forgotten my name, but it really is by me. Also there is one line of text missing - the second sentence should read "Or, at least, their financial value."...hey, they're really a print newspaper, so forgive the website flaws).

2. I was just accepted into King's post-grad journalism program, which goes for 9 months starting in August. Just between the ten of us, I'm still not a hundred percent sure this is for me, but I think it might be a great experience, and a great way to make more contacts and journalisty/writery friends. I think I'll give it a shot.

Hope all are well!



Amanda said...

Yes I'm still reading...congratulations! Even if it's not completely for you, it'll be a fun adventure, no? Give you a place to ask lots of good questions?

There was a somewhat interesting article in teh Globe last Saturday about how we're all racist...well not really but I thought of you when I read it. I think it could have been stronger but nonetheless brings in some interesting questions. The focus section, or Toronto--can't remember.

Keep on writing, and I'll keep reading! (& give your lovely wife a hug for me)

mri said...

What thrilling news. Congratulations my darling friend! I'm sure you'll thrive in both of those situations; you're a unique voice.

love, etc.


benjibopper said...

thanks amanda and martyn. i'm still batting it back and forth in my mind. just got back from a good editorial meeting at the paper, seeing lot's of opportunity there. would it be wrong to go to school for the purpose of making friends? i have good friends here, but few writers. anyway, rambling, much to think on, but thanks for reading and for your kind words. hugs to you both.

benjibopper said...

thanks also to DC and CM, who provided fantastic reference letters for King's.

Charles Gramlich said...

Congrats on the column gig, and the acceptance for the grad program. I did the grad school route in psychology and it paid off. I don't know much about journalism, though.

benjibopper said...

Thanks Charles! This program is very hands on, sparse on theory big on practical applications, taught by practicing journalists in a series of workshops and productions. This is what appeals to me.

Anonymous said...

from Julie. Congrats on getting accepted to Kings. Let me know how that goes!

benjibopper said...

Thanks Julie! I think I'll give it a shot.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

That sounds like a really worthwhile course.

benjibopper said...

yeah, it sounds so to me too, but everytime i talk to another journalist they say, 'it's good, but you don't need it because you're already getting work.' but the work doesn't pay all that much. not sure this course would solve that problem but it has other benefits.

Melissa said...

Wow! Wow!

Congrats, that's awesome!!!
I'm looking forward to reading the columns--when I graduate. I love the illustrations, so I imagine the words are going to be even better.

As for school, you seem to have a natural gift, but I imagine the academic background would be useful too. Besides, school is fun! : )

benjibopper said...

thanks melissa. i like the art too, it's fun. and so is school. but, so is getting paid.