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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Belly and Travel Pics

Hi folks, we recently returned from our trip to Ontario (and my stopover in Montreal). It was so good seeing everyone. For those we missed, hope to see you next time, or feel free to come visit us on the coast! Here are just a few pics from Mika & Sian's wedding (which was loads of fun and a beautiful union) and some of our visiting, as well as a couple very recent belly shots. We're at 26 weeks now and Baby's close to two pounds now and 14 inches long, about the size of an English hothouse cucumber (apparently). Click here if you want to know more about the baby's development.

Miia's doing fantastic and feeling really energetic, though sliding hard into second base is becoming a bit more difficult for her. And she's peeing a lot.

She's also continuing to do really interesting things at work. Yesterday she gave a presentation on social policy with respect to poverty alleviation to a group of visiting senators, including the legendary Art Eggleton. I'm quite certain she rocked their brains with copious facts, impeccable logic, and heartfelt compassion.

We're getting more and more excited for the newcomer, reading some stuff about birth and parenting and really looking forward to it. We know life will change drastically and we know it will be hard work and exhausting. I find it hard to imagine quite what it will be like, but I know it'll be amazing - the next astounding stop on life's great adventure. It's a rush and a thrill.

This is Amare, Marlene and Sami's little boy. He lives in Ottawa:

This is my oldest and best friend Jeff, at the golf course he runs in Montreal. He can now be referred to as 'the godfather':

This is Radiohead. Jeff and I caught their muddy show in Montreal and had a lot of fun:

This is my friend Jody and her little Fenna, who was born on Nov 20 (which is our 'due' date). They live with Henk in a beautiful home in the Gatineaus, right by the Gatineau River, in which we swam most gloriously off the dock of Canlit hotshot Phil Jenkins:

This is Miia practicing on Liliana, who is very very new, and hangs out with her parents John and Tasha in Toronto:

This is Conor on Bathurst. He was somewhat excited to see us:

This is my beautiful new sister, Sian:

This is as close as you'll ever come to seeing me in my kilt:

This is Lily Pilonszala, light of Mike and Pam's lives. She is now talking in sentences:

Expectant Mother's Parking - progress or a symbol of everything wrong with our culture?

Mr. and Mrs. Suokonautio:

Second best MC ever (me being the first best. Oh no I didn't. Oh yes I did!):

This is Miia rocking out with the best man's wife, our friend Diane, who by the way is a bigtime mover and shaker in Canadian media. Go girl. Everything is better with inflatable oversized microphones:

Scarborough Golf Club is surprisingly regal, quite the classy affair:


Charles Gramlich said...

Being a paretn was hard work, but was and still is teh most rewarding experience in my life. I'm so glad I was a father to a little boy, and now to a big boy.

Benowen said...

I love the pictures, especially the Scottish lad in his kilt.


benjibopper said...

Thanks Charles. It's so good to hear and I hope the experience is as rewarding for me as it has been for you.

EB: hopefully they'll scrounge up some even better kilt pictures in coming weeks.