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Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Muhammad

Hi folks,

My short story, It's Muhammad, will be television broadcast by VoicePrint Canada, this Saturday morning (February 14), at 9.30 Eastern Time. If you live in Canada, own a relatively new television, and would like to hear it, tune in to the CBC NewsWorld television channel and activate your SAP (MTS) button (that's Second Audio Program, Multichannel Television Sound) on your remote control.

Alternatively, you can listen to it at the VoicePrint Canada website, but the broadcast time is less certain - some time after noon.



Charles Gramlich said...

Cool. congrats. I'm probably not going to be able to pick it up down here but congrats anyway.

benjibopper said...

I've edited this post to include a link to VoicePrint's website, which will also play the story some time in the afternoon. A little more hit or miss but more accessible worldwide.

Deixis said...

While we do have a "newer" TV with the SAP/MTS fanciness included, bands of ancient druids have long ago stolen our remote control and sacrificed it to Gaia, or so I'm told. The remote we're using now to replace it DOESN'T have any visible SAP/MTS buttons, and since putting the controls for an electronic device on the device itself is apparently an act deserving of excommunication, we can't adjust the SAPPY settings and so have in the end missed your short story on TV.

Oh, bugger.