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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Introducing the sweet and funny

D's becoming a very good sitter. He's also becoming more and more of a kid. Fun to watch him grow.
Ah yes, the surrender to sleep.
Dylan's Blue Steel look.
He's just devouring his books these days!
Thirty seconds before nap. Obviously. (I mean, really. Can his eyes possibly look heavier?)
Apparently eating is a whole body affair. And much fun.

OK, this is ridiculous. Aided to sleep by something to suck, Blue Dog suddenly became an unsuspecting victim.
Wishing Papa a happy bday in style. A felt hat from a nearby garage sale (which was lovingly given to D for free since it suits him so well) with a homemade shirt by Mama, made of bedsheets found on the street. Perfect.
Oh yes. And the sunglasses were also found on the side of the road.

An all-time favourite picture. I was trying on some tshirts in the dressing room. Dylan shopped till he dropped. Really.
Not sure if these pics convey how much fun we're having with D and the hilarity that ensues. When I first found out I was pregnant and told Chris over the phone, I kept saying, "This is gonna be so much fun!" In the first weeks post birth, it took some time to settle into a new life and refocus. It's still not easy, obviously. But man, has it gotten hilarious and fun.
More on life lessons learned and thoughts on a whole bunch of things which are not D related (they do exist) later. Miia


Charles Gramlich said...

Yes, I remember those early days with my boy. Sometimes tiring, but always hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Hey Miia--I have a great photo to send you. What is your email address. You can email me at: Tiina

kissa said...

It is just lovely to see how much fun you are having with your little man. Enjoy every minute - they grow up all too quickly.