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Thursday, August 13, 2009

nonstop kinda summer

Been a nonstop kinda summer. Two big newses. First, the birth of Dylan's second-cousin, Calla Benjamin. Congrats to my cousin Jeremy and his partner Tawnya! Ain't she cute? She's small enough for her great-grandmother to hold, unlike Dylan who has become too giant and squirmy.

Second, we bought a house - it's official next week and we'll do a two-week move. That's keeping us busy. We'll post pictures once we get in there and do a bit of work. It's not a fixer-upper but we're doing a couple minor aesthetic things. For Halifax people, it's in the west end, Edinburgh St., great family-type neighbourhood, lotsa kids and cats.

Otherwise we've just been doing standard summer stuff, lots of family visits, using all our carbon credits driving around this beautiful province and showing them moose and pride parades, and swimming in various lakes of the chocolate and lumber variety [only Beaver Bankers have any hope of understanding what I mean by that].

Dylan finally got both his grandfathers together and that was special - lobster special, pose on the family photo couch special.

Oh yeah, and as I mentioned in a comment on M's last post, D started crawling this week, which has introduced a whole new thrill and stress to our lives. Like Stompin' Tom he's everywhere, man.

Good times, these.



Charles Gramlich said...

Congrats on the house. And condolences ;) on D's crawling. yes, put everything up off the lower shelves at once. I'm speaking from experience.

benjibopper said...

Thanks CG. In the new house nothing will be placed below hip level.