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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Recent Pics of Various Adventures

Last Saturday was a beautiful, sunny autumn day and we spent most of it moseing around town. Here are some shots.

Dylan and me and our shadows.

Chris' attempt at humour: The bird is apparently attacking my head.

Dinos and dino relatives (i.e. birds) dot the sky.

A fall fair we went to with a bunch of free games.

A visit with cousins Tawnya and Calla. Dylan wants in on the nursing action.

Oh we had so much fun on the swings. This is Dyl's "I'm gonna explode this is so much fun" look.

First Hallowe'en costume. I bought this giant teddy bear and pulled out the stuffing and made a hole for his face. Fits Dyl perfectly.

Post bathtime glow.

And lastly, Dyl's hat parade of awesomeness:
The 80s rapper look.
The snowboarder.

The dirt bike racer.
The lemon head.
The happy witch.


Charles Gramlich said...

the bear picture is precious. I'm trying to figure out the suspended dinosaur models, though.

Furbottle said...

I enjoy particularly the baby-headed monster (second of the eighteen) and the baby-eating bear (eleventh of eighteen)


Anonymous said...

DB changes so quickly - has it been only 2 weeks since I've seen him. I love the swing picture - the action of the hair blowing back and his beautiful smile.


Carrie Ellis said...

I love the swing picture with the wind blowing through his hair. I can't decide if the halloween costume is cute or scary - a bit of both I suppose.