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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Lots and lots of pictures

Lots of pics from late. Dylan's birthday combined with the great new camera that I recently bought equals a bit of a picture volume issue.

Here are some birthday shots...

Alexis, Sofia and Ria.
Iain and Jackson.
The train birthday cake, lovingly assembled by Lise and David.
Papa wearing the shirt he wore when we first met.
Lise preparty in the sunny kitchen. Those are NS Valley apples on the stool.
Dylan LOVES "watering" the plants.
A rare picture of Dyl's happy nose scruntch (he had a bit of a scrape at daycare).
Vulcan mind meld.

Baby yoga?
Blue steel look.
"I will kkkkill those bbbirds!"
The cake was a hit.
Kidsies galore at the par-tay.

People galore at the par-tay.
Choochoocake. (The #1 candle has already been recylced to another baby.)
Ice cream = nirvana.
Dylan's walker - ready to be 80.
Grammy and Dyldyl off for a walk up our street.
Great-grandma B on Remembrance Day. She lived the war firsthand.

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