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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Little snippets

Am posting some pics from the last 2 months as we haven't been quite up to date on the blog.

A wonderful winter day today. Actually, a great winter weekend. Friday night chez Bella, Saturday at the Farmers Market and running into tons of awesome people, then brunch with Lise, Amanda and Bella, the Prorogue protest downtown, supper and Settlers with Elden, Laura, Lise and Bella. Today twice sledding and skating, the second time at Williams Lake (I think). Sunny skies and wintry weather. Felt good to be outside and loving life.

More pics to come but below is the first stash of highlights. I'm trying to do a random assortment of friends and family, partly because as I browsed through all the old pics, I was captivated by the abundance of both in our lives. All wrapped up in our quiet little house on our quiet little street in a littleish town on the coast. Much goodness all round.


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Furbottle said...


I much enjoy your posts. They normally give me fewer things than Benjibopper's to jump-on-and-scream-at-excitedly-with-femur-bone-in-hand (or, in other words, comment on... in an admittedly monkeyish fashion), but the general niceness and anti-cynicism of them all are a warm bath at bedtime. Aaahh. Salty fragrance, fragrant saltiness. Warmth. Nice, nice.

Good to be reminded here and again that there are good things in the world. And of course that 'there... are... FOUR... lights!'

Bunny of Darkness.... Out!