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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Bunch of Recent Publications

I've been remiss about posting my publications here lately, so here's five of them in one go, in case you missed them and were having trouble sleeping at night. Click the picture to get the story:

1) Control Your Technology: Excessive dependence on technology impacts stress, productivity and the environment [published in Your Workplace Magazine]:

2) Round and About: Halifax's most notorious intersections aren't so bad on a beautiful winter's day at noon, but should we be investing in safer alternatives? [published in The Coast]

3) Biomass Mess: Professors make recommendations that could turn NS into a renewable energy maven, including one that could moonscape the province in the process [published in The Coast]

4) Branding the Environment: If environmentalists don't change mainstream hearts and minds, they won't make a lick of difference [published in The Coast]

5) Tragedy of the Common: If the Common is so Common, why can't common people decide how to use it? [published in The Coast]


Furbottle said...

Did you choose the title for this?

benjibopper said...

Which one?

Furbottle said...

"A bunch of Recent Publications" Good. To the point. But, yawn.

Shouldn't you do it a little more like this?↓

"Daaaamn! Look at me, I have five things in print right now that I just feckin' forgot about because I'm just that feckin' good! Gaze upon my greatness ye mighty and despair, whilst adoring me."

Yeah, I know - a tad too long a title and just slightly over-the-top-and-climbing, but maybe not a terrible strategy blog-wise.

I love the Woody Allen humility thing you do, but jump on it a BIT when you're generally impressive to behold. If you're lacking inspiration for boasting you can always go to the desert island of blogs(mine)and see a counter example of achievement.

-Skinny Bunny-

benjibopper said...

Hmm, reminds me of when I was working at the paper in Ghana, and the bossman decided that to sell more papers we would just write the most sensational headlines (keeping the content much the same). It worked really well and everyone at the paper had a good inside laugh at our over the top headlines followed by drab analysis. But bossman bored of the tactic and we went back to factual titles.

Well, maybe I'll try the sensationalist thing next time. But, knowing it's mostly family who look at this thing, I fear being yanked back down to earth by some embarrassing childhood memory revealed. You know, just to keep me real.

Furbottle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Furbottle said...

Furbottle said...
Hm. At the moment, I can't think of a single childhood memory that doesn't punish me several times more than it does you. If you can find any evidence to the contrary....

You are apparently ambivalent about self-promotion. Such hesitance has held me back. BUT, as I've implied, "I've written five published feckin' articles in the time it's taken to even remember to tell you all about this" seems to be ... well, at three times true, accurate, and fairly cool.

The sky is blue. (Or, so it appears.) Fact. But on a blog, is there sensationalism in adding emotion to that? "The sky is blue, and look at it, doesn't its cloudless, azure quality fill you with an awesome and ineffable sensation bordering on both sadness and joy at once?”

It's not a terrible thing, an appropriately-timed boast. Lettuce learn when best to boast.

-Proud and Hungry Bunny-