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Monday, March 15, 2010

Five Things

Hi folks, five things:

1) My short story, "It's Muhammad", placed third in the Atlantic New Cultures writing competition. They'll be putting the story up on the website at some point.

2) A short arts piece about a new social justice literary award, which I wrote for The Coast - it was late hitting the website but here it is:3) My column, Wasting Away, about the astounding amount of time, energy, money and natural resources we throw away in the form of perfectly good food - all part of a very sick food system - is at

4) My column on high cancer rates and environmental exposures is up at:

5) Is Sable Island National Park a natural disaster waiting to happen? Find out more at:


Charles Gramlich said...

Wow, you've been busy. Major congrats on that story. I'll look forward to it. congrats on the other successes as well.

Furbottle said...

There ya go, showing off again! Yeesh. Smartypants.

By the way, (non-ha-ha) funny little side-note. I have a student who insists on being called "Jack". His real name is -- of course -- Mohammed.

benjibopper said...

Charles: thanks, hopefully they'll post it soon.

FB: That's quite a coincidence. My story's based loosely on an apparently true story I heard in Toronto about a Muhammad who changed his name. [This is a re-write of the story you may already know.]