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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family photos for the Faraways

This is supposed to be a blog by and about a family, yet it's been all about my literary work lately. My vivacious and loving mother-in-law has let me know she has almost forgotten what we all look like, especially with the wee one getting bigger and changing and whatnot. To those of you who aren't on the evil Facebook and who don't get to see us much, we apologize for the lag in photos. Here are some recent ones from a very busy summer, full of many visitors, home renos, and a little bit of travel:

Water fight with cousins.

On cousin Calla's b-day bash.
He's a clown.

Andretti eyes.

Hearts in the highlands.
He's a climber.

At the Glen Breton Distillery.


Early-summer garden.