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Saturday, August 06, 2011

There Were Bugs!


Charles Gramlich said...

It's a heaven for bugs down here. BIG, HUGE bugs

Claire said...

We had a plague of moths a few days ago in the kitchen!! I love moths but not in the kitchen for no other reason than they get in the way.

the cuby poet said...

Hi.I used to blog under the name of KISSA and I remember your son being born what a fine young chap he is growing into. Sorry about the subterfuge I just felt KISSA was growing boring and I wanted to branch into something different hence thecubypoet. Oh by the way congrats at getting your book published.

Chris Benjamin said...

Charles: so it's true what they say about size in Texas?

Claire: the guy pictured here was in a bathroom in a provincial park. I'm OK with that. The kitchen? Not so much.

Cuby: Yeah I'd made that connection, and it's great to see you being so prolific with the poetry. Thanks for the kind words - it's been a very good year.