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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Here is the best story I've done for the paper yet. The picture is by Miia, and she also helped set up interviews, a visit to the community, and gave was the logistics manager of the whole thing:

The relocation and reinvention of Old Fadama

Here is my latest editorial:

People's assembly good for democracy, but

And here is one Bossman wrote that I heavily edited and I think it's good:

Bush must pull his men out or fuel terrorism



Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Though I relish the thought of seeing you two again, which is more likely in Canada, I think it unfortunate for West Africa to be losing two stars in the dark consequence of present circumstance. I suppose if one can say something though, it is that goodness can be seen through your eyes.

benjibopper said...

this sounds like Brad, but I can't be sure. so, dear anon, thank you for your kind and eloquent words. I'm sure we shall see you in Canada for a scooby-doo like reveal.