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Friday, September 28, 2007

The Grand Tour

Welcome home.

Fireplace warmth.

Come on down:

Rec room:


Relaxation Room:

Dining table:

The deck:

Throw some tofu on the barby:

Beer on ice:

Now, back to work:


eric1313 said...

Is this the new digs? Very nice!

The guitar in the corner of the room jumped out right away. YOu don't play? That OK. Guitars should be apart of every relaxation room.

I skipped down through the posts. Sorry for your loss. But it sounds like your grandfather had a life filled with love and family, and you ensured he would rest in the places he wanted to be forever.

Peace out

eric1313 said...

PLus I had to say the surroundings lok gorgeous. More like New Ireland, than New Scotland. Nova Eire doesn't roll off the tongue as easily, though.

And it looks like a Singleton original would fit right in there. You've already got the different colors everywhere.

Yeah, I know. I should be her agent.

benjibopper said...

Hi eric, welcome to this space. yep, these are the new digs. the guitar belongs to my wife, who does indeed play, and sings beautifully.

thanks for the thoughts about grandpa. he passed away in april and we still miss him. christmas will be strange without him. he remains a strong presence in our lives, that is for sure.

Josie said...

Omigosh, that's beautiful...! That's just exactly my style of place. Do you have a guest room? Heh.

I have some very good friends living in Debert.

benjibopper said...

Hi Josie: we do have a guest room, come visit any time. I have to get up to Debert some time, they are planning a new Mi'kmaq historical and cultural centre there, with interpretive tours.

Lynn said...

I love it!

Very happy for you guys, beautiful digs. I have many of the same colors, my favorite is my deep red den.

Good luck with it.

benjibopper said...

love the deep red. thanks for checking it out lynn.

Anonymous said...

Very Miia/Chris like pad. Where is it? More details please.