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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Last week we received this at our door - a bouquet of flowers. The note said "You're great!" but that's it. No name or any clue who it's from. So, to whoever the secret sender is, thanks a million. It was a great surprise and was warmly, warmly received.
So to whoever sent us flowers, "You're great!"


Melissa said...

Wow, I WISH I'd done that, but I didn't...that totally rocks. You, and the flower-giver are definitely great!

mavenmiia said...

Thanks Melissa... Very sweet of you.

Turns out the flowers came from the very excellent Amanda who lives in New Liskeard. So, thanks to her!

And you're great too, by the way.

Amanda said...

Hey guys--you're welcome! Miia, I am still alive & will call...hard to find the right moment. Thinking of you guys often.