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Friday, October 26, 2007

Nova Scotia-Gambia Association

Hi folks,

I have taken another little gig to go along with my EAC work. The latest work is with the Nova Scotia-Gambia Association and CIDA, delivering talks (with multimedia presentation) on development in West Africa and correcting some common stereotypes (i.e. that the whole continent is at perpetual war and there is nothing there but violence, disease and poverty...these things are addressed in the talks but so is the positive, and some positive things that are happening there and how Canadians can support that work).

I'm excited about this because it will keep that African connection alive for me and give me the chance to share some of my own learnings.

If anyone has any ideas for venues, clubs, associations or individuals who would be interested in hosting such an event, give me a shout. I have to set up the venues myself, anywhere in the Maritimes is acceptable. I'm open to all suggestions.

Hope all are well. Here in Hali we sometimes struggle to find our place and our purpose, but life has been very kind to us so far.

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