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Friday, January 04, 2008

Z Magazine

Hi folks,

Back to my best of lists shortly, but first, some exciting news. A 6,000 word feature I wrote called Economic Emancipation: Ghana, Africa, the World; Debt "forgiveness" and the financial assault on Third World countries has been publised by Z Magazine, a fantastic "independent magazine of critical thinking on political, cultural, social and economic life in the U.S."

My article is in the same section as Noam Chomsky's, so it's pretty exciting stuff.

The article will be online eventually, but in the meantime feel free to go out and buy a copy for $4.95, well worth the expenditure.



Melissa said...

Holy crap, that's cool... Congrats!!

benjibopper said...

thanks Melissa, feels great.

Kelly said... is Kelly M from work...I just wanted to say that i think I heard them read acomment from you on the CBC....about coffee and consumerism??? maybe...hope all is well.

benjibopper said...

Hey Kelly! Nice to hear from you. How are things?

Yeah Michael Enright read a comment of mine linking purchases (with coffee as the example) to environmental and social impacts. They had had a show about Christmas shopping and consumerism but didn't really make these kinds of lingages.