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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Loving Summer

Sunny and warm, summer has blown in with a gentle breeze. The back patio door stays open all day, as do most windows and the fresh air is exquisite. When I wake in the mornings and come upstairs to start the day, the air is already warm. I water the plants in the garden and delight in their growth. I drink my coffee on the back porch and leaving for work on my bike, I leave my sweater behind.

The days linger, long and light. Already there have been a few chances to swim in lakes. If only it could be summer forever.

Things here are good indeed. The baby keeps growing and Chris and I are happy to welcome her/him. Work is strong and good. And friends, family, cats and house are well. All manner of things, then, are well indeed.

Some pictures from our backyard. Much love to all of you! ~Miia


Amanda said...

What kind of flowers are those?! Our are just now opening, and Cadence loves to see the "balls" open. We're still kind of waiting for the summer you far many mosquitos, black flies & daily downpours with sun maybe once or twice a week, for a limited time. But hey the flowers sure are happy (weeds too of course :) )

Charles Gramlich said...

Lovely pics. I like summer too, but right now it is too hot here for me to spend much time outside. I did get out today, though, because we had a cooling rain and a lot of cloud cover.