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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cycling in Circles

Miia's at 37 weeks today, which means baby is now 'term,' and could healthily and happily come out any time between now and five weeks from now. One week of work left for her, and we're enjoying this anticipation.
Btw, click on the bike picture for my latest column.


Amanda said...

Yay! So excited! I always seem to be home when I know you guys are working, but will keep on trying to get you on the phone some evening to chat--keep us all posted!


Charles Gramlich said...

Getting close now. I bet you'll both be glad when the baby does come.

foam said...

agree with you on those bikes .. i clicked on your link..
and good luck to you and your wife with all this birthing stuff!

benjibopper said...

Amanda: us too! glad you and miia finally touched base and to hear things are all good with you.

CG: i'm almost certain you're right about that.

Foam: thanks very much and glad your on board with bikes ---people here seem to think cyclists are mad, so i'm trying to make a connection to the bigger picture for them.

kissa said...

A friend of mine has just been to Leuven in Belgium where everybody cycles many 'no car' streets but then it is a flat country. There is an increase in bicycle ownership here in the U.K. but our roads are very congested perhaps bike lanes parallel with roads helps aka Finland!

benjibopper said...

Kissa: that is the approach they take here but the problem is, despite the simplicity and affordability of painting a line, city council is not even willing to invest a small amount unless it's a new road or a resurfacing anyway.