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Monday, November 03, 2008

Good News

Good news folks, Rattling Books is going to publish one of my short stories --in audio! It's part of their Earlit Shorts series and will come out some time after Christmas. The story is called Delia and Phil. I'll keep y'all posted.



kissa said...

Great stuff. Just looked at Rattling Books what a dear local publisher. I love this type of affair as it gives small authors an opening into the ferocious world of being an active writer. Hope all is calm on the domestic front.

Charles Gramlich said...

Cool. Congrats. Do keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

Very Good, Chris! I definitely will want a copy of the audio book as soon as it comes out.
Miia´s dad
By the way, how is my daughter doing?

benjibopper said...

Kissa: it's the only way to start really.

CG: thanks, will do.

Issi: she's doing great - just 3 more days of work and then we're good to go, ready to welcome the little one.

mavenmiia said...

Hei Isi,
I'm doing well. Two last days of work ahead and looking forward to the year ahead with all of its adventures. Baby's growing and moving lots. Just a question of waiting now.

Anonymous said...

That's great - tell me more about this. Just a phone call away.