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Saturday, January 24, 2009

14.7 pounds-ish of love, cuddles and hope

We don't have a reliable scale at our place so last night when at a friend's, we weighed D-man on their scale. 14.7 pounds. That's a lot of breastmilk!
Highlights of the past week:

1- I'm going to take D to a seniors' centre with me to "volunteer" i.e. hang out with seniors so that they can enjoy his baby self and I can enjoy their senior selves. On my tour of the building, I introduced D to the 100-year-old woman there. 100 years of difference between them. Somehow staggering. I said to Dylan, "I hope you too get a long and good life."
2- Library baby's first books this Friday. A good crew of parents who are really letting me know that the journey is hard but totally worth it.
3- Some awesome cooking this week. Thanks to Chris' cousin Jacob's friend Sonny who last year gave us an Indian cookbook and opened this world of good food.
4- Watching Dylan as Chris and I read to him a picture book. His face reveals his sense of marvel at the pictures and follow Chris' hand as he points out pictures. Each new page brings out a laugh and giggle.
5- Working it all out with Chris as we become parents together. Both of us have our good and bad days but I have this feeling we're going to come out so much stronger together at the end of it all. Let not our love waiver even when we feel we falter ourselves.


Charles Gramlich said...

Good and bad days are the rule but in the end being a parent is so incredibly rewarding.

Melissa said...

Holy schmoley, that's one heckuva cute baby.

Still, I don't envy the hard parts...which is why I'm happily ogling your offspring instead of having my own. Not everyone is cut out for parenthood... : )

Deixis said...

Re: the pimping out of baby to seniors. I like the idea. Tried to get something similar started years ago in Japan but it got killed by bureaucratic obstinacy. Also, I tried it with English teachers instead of infants. Big mistake. Neither can speak Japanese, but the latter's shortcomings are more readily forgiven.