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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

tummy time


Charles Gramlich said...

That's a good looking homo sapiens infant there. ;)

benjibopper said...


Carrie Ellis said...

How long do you do tummy time for? Is that a pillow propping Dylan up?

Dashiell (4 weeks old yesterday) doesn't seem to like it much so the sessions are very, very brief

benjibopper said...

Hey Carrie, congrats on Dashiell!

Tummy time is usually pretty brief. He enjoys it for a few minutes but he gets sick of it. He prefers sitting on our laps, kind of leaning on us. I think he'll sit fairly soon though - actually today I took my hands off him and let him just sit, supported only partially by my legs, and he did it! Fun. That's a breastfeeding pillow propping him in the picture.

Enjoy Dashiell. I wouldn't worry about tummy time, it might come, or he might just move on to the next phase.