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Friday, March 06, 2009

Religion and Life

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Furbottle said...

Ok, what we need here is a little empirical data on this thing. [Now flipping through the "Good" Book at random, mining for information.] Ah, here's a likely passage:

Revelations 7:3 -->"Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees..." Hey, check it out! Sounds pretty decent, after all, eh. The passage goes on to say "...till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads." Oh. Kay. (But, if you emend "decent" to "drug-induced", my above statement still stands.)

Vis-à-vis the Buddhism angle, every Japanese person I have ever asked has answered "Buddhist" to the religion question, and I've asked too many of them to count. And Japan's record on the environment sparkles like... like... um, what's really un-sparkly? Oh, tweed! Buddhist Japan's environmental example sparkles just like tweed.

-Bunny Out-

benjibopper said...

In the words of Tom Robbins:

"A longing for the Divine is intrinsic in Homo sapiens. (For all we know, it is innate in squirrels, dandelions, and diamond rings, as well.) We approach the Divine by enlarging our souls and lighting up our brains. To expedite those two things may be the mission of our existence...But such activity runs counter to the aspirations of commerce and politics. Politics is the science of domination, and persons in the process of enlargement and illumination are notoriously difficult to control. Therefore, to protect its vested interests, politics usurped religion a very long time ago. Kings bought off priests with land and adornments. Together, they drained the shady ponds and replaced them with fish tanks. The walls of the tanks were constructed of ignorance and superstition, held together with fear. They called the tanks 'synagogues' or 'churches' or 'mosques'."