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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mama's Day

This being my first Mama's Day as a mom, I understand much better why we have a Mother's Day. Thanks to my mom and Liz both for so many years of love, kindness, generosity, more love, patience, caring, diaper changing, feeding, tears, more patience and still more love.

Happy Mother's Day Moomo!

Happy Mother's Day Grammy!

From all of us here - Miia, Chris and Dylan


Furbottle said...
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Furbottle said...

I see Dylan's language skills have improved significantly since, um...Tuesday. His penmanship is also coming along nicely -- his writing's now roughly 7.9 times as good as his papa's. Ah, they grow so fast. I can't wait until next week, when he'll be explaining Foucault to me. In the original French of course.

-Bunny Out-

Charles Gramlich said...


Crystal said...

miaa! happy belated mother's day! your son is BEEEEyoutiful!

Benowen said...

My beautiful family - Thanks for spending Mother's Day evening with Grammy. Maybe next year DMKB can eat with the rest of us:-)