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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Auntie Sian and Uncle Mika, about to become mommy and daddy S.

D with some of his favourite grownups.

D with Moomo!

D with Breadhead, a real Japanese hero.


Furbottle said...

To quote Seth MacFarlane, "Sweet.... Mary-mother-of-crap!" That clearly ain't Anpanman ("Bean-bread Man") I see there in the last photograph. No freakin' way.

It's got his features, yes, obviously, but they've been somehow voodooed. Magicked, commanded by dark sons-of-Lucas to make this strange, deranged, rearranged, Mme Tussaud replica of the original, which appears to be the love child of that scary clown doll from Poltergeist and Bert from Sesame Street.

Anpanman is meant to be sweet-and-cute-and-lovable and reassuring to children and ready to sacrifice his own damn head to help others if necessary. If an average bloke had that thing's head offered him, on the other hand, he'd have a hard time deciding which to do first: scream, soil himself, attack or run for cover.

Japanese kids adore Anpanman, and so incidentally do I. But if this is the toll that his sad trek through Canadian immigration has taken on him (I reasonably assume the powers-what-be accredited his Japanese Ph.D in quantum mechanics as clearly and obviously equivalent to getting a passing grade in a Canadian junior high home economics course) I vote for repatriation.

No wonder Dylan's expression is.... mmmm... ambivalent. He's torn between abject fear and profound sympathy.

Not projecting in the slightest,


benjibopper said...

Have you a pic of the original?

Funny, Skai absolutely loves that thing. Maybe that's his Finnish half.

Furbottle said...

Is Skai partly Finnish as well/

benjibopper said...

His father is Finnish and his mother is Japanese.