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Monday, June 05, 2006

Eating Well

Most know that I'm not a big recipe girl, but thought to share these with you. These are some of the fabulous things Chris and I have made while in Nova Scotia.

Friday Dinner:
BBQ Trout, Roast Potatoes, White Wine Sauce, Garlic Fiddleheads, and Cucumber Salad

(Recipes Serve 4 (at least!)

BBQ Trout
4 Fresh small trout
4 Garlic cloves, peeled and chopped into chunks
2 Lemons - one chopped into chunks, the other thinly sliced
Fresh sprigs of rosemary
Fresh sprigs of thyme
Olive oil and Salt

1-Salt the inside of the trout.
2-Stuff with garlic, lemon chunks, rosemary and thyme till bursting with yummy goodness.
3-Cut four large pieces of aluminum foil. Pour olive oil on the shiny side and generously sprinkle with salt. Lay trout in the middle. Put lemon slices all along the length of the fish. Roll up in the tin foil. Repeat for each of the fish.
4-BBQ on medium-high until fish flesh is flaky, about 20 minutes.

Roast potatoes
Lots of fresh new potatoes (I average about 2 medium potatoes per person.)
Fresh rosemary
Fresh thyme
4 Cloves peeled garlic, chopped into chunks
Olive oil
Hot pepper flakes (optional)

1-Cut potatoes lengthwise into quarters.
2-Toss potatoes and the remainder of the ingredients together in a large bowl until the taters are well covered.
3- Bake covered at 350F until done i.e. a fork cuts through nicely but the whole thing doesn't disintegrate.

White wine sauce
1/2 cup of white flour
Butter or margarine (the more the yummier; the less the healthier)
3 cups Milk
A mini pinch of ground nutmeg
1 cup dry white wine

1-In a saucepan over medium heat, melt the butter and add the flour, stirring constantly. Cook a little.
2- Add the milk, stirring constantly with a whisk or wooden spoon.
3- Add the salt, nutmeg and sage.
4- Let cook over medium heat until the sauce thickens, making sure to stir along the bottom of the pan sincece it tends to burn easily.
5- Add the white wine. Taste. Want more? Add more. Drink a glass of white wine.

Garlic Fiddleheads
Lots of fresh fiddleheads
4 chopped cloves of garlic
Butter (yeah!)

1-Steam fiddleheads in a covered saucepan with steamer or strainer.
2- Toss in garlic, butter and salt when just about cooked and still hot.
3- That's it.

Cucumber Salad
1 whole English Cucumber
Lemon juice
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
(or alternatively, store bought Italian dressing in lieu of the oil, vinegar and salt)

1- Dice the cucumber.
2- Toss with the lemon juice and dressing ingredients.
3- Hooray! It's that easy!

Saturday Lunch: Squash and Ginger Soup
1 Acorn squash
1 Large sweet potato
2 Carrots
2 Potatoes
2 Apples
2 Celery stalks
1 Onion
3 Garlic cloves
2 inches of fresh Ginger root
Olive oil
2 tablespoons Peanut butter
Curry powder
Cayenne pepper
Fresh thyme
1 tablespoon of sugar

1- Quarter the squash, remove seeds, and bake covered at 350F until the flesh of the squash is completely tender. Let cool.
2- While the squash is cooking, peel and chop the yam, carrots, potatoes, ginger, garlic, onion. Peel and remove the cores of the apples. Chop the celery.
3- In a large pot, heat the olive oil. Once hot but not smoking, add the ginger, garlic, onion and celery. Cook for a little while.
4- Add the yam, carrots and onions. Cook. Add a bit of water and cover.
5- Add the apple, peanunt butter, sugar, thyme.
6- Scoop out the squash flesh and add to the pot. Add more water.
7- Add curry (lots) and some cayenne and salt to taste.
8- Cook all the ingredients together until soft.
9 - Puree the soup in batches until creamy, adding water as your blender needs. Put pureed soup into a different container than the ingredients you're taking from (I've tried to skip this step in the past but it never makes things easier).
10 - That's it! Freezes well and makes good lunches.


Anonymous said...

Looks yummy! What is the Nova Scotia phrase for "la vie en rose"? because this looks like it.

Hope the cats are calmer. I heard somewhere that cats bond more with a place than with people, so the cats might indeed be homesick. A good friend of mine bought a house, and part of the deal was that the previous owner's cat could stay. The cat seemed unperturbed by the change in management.

Blessings in your world tour.


benjibopper said...

Thanks Lenise! The cats seem to be doing better, getting used to it here and really warming up to my mom. We have let them out under close supervision and Bosh even took a spill into the lake in pursuit of a dragonfly. Most importantly, they are avoiding the semi-highway that runs by the house!

All the best to you.