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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Quick Updates

Latest word on Martin comes via my friend Jess: he is in great spirits and doing well, very optimistic and already started physio. He told Jess to tell me to stop feeling guilty. Done.

More visits with friends (mine and M's) and a great lobster feast with my grandparents last night. The cats took great interest in the giant black insects in the tub. Okay, eating lobster also makes me feel guilty. But they taste soooo damn good, poor things.

Not a lot to report yet otherwise, but because we leave for Denmark on Monday this may be our last chance to blog for a bit. So, I'll leave you with a few random pics from the past few years; thanks for the memories yáll:


Digital Rebel said...

nice photos, lovely cats! :)

benjibopper said...

thanks DR, we like your photos too. wish i could read your language - russian? we're going there in the fall.

the fish pics are terrific.

chris & miia