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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Friends' Emails

Here's a bit of an awkward blog for a moment. I REALLY appreciate all the emails and comments and mail we get from our friends. I've (re)learnt this summer how great our friends are and how blessed we are to have them in our lives. It is not an exaggeration to say that every morcel of news and every virtual conversation nourishes and supports. I feel so profoundly honoured to know all of you. Truly.

So it is I don't believe those who say their life is "just this" or "just that". The worst example is a friend from university who recently sent me an email to say she's got a new job with the provincial government as a policy analyst, is travelling around Ontario to talk with Aboriginal communities, and just got engaged. But then she adds that it's not as exciting as what we're up to!?! No, no, no. This sort of humility, although understood as graciousness, just won't do!

So, as a bit of an insight into how fascinating I think you all are, here are a few snippets from some recent emails. The first is from a friend who understands that there are interesting places wherever we are.

She writes:

I have managed to pick up on a few themes though and spent my shower time one day last week composing a list of reasons that might make Kent County an attractive destination for you.

Kent County is a worthy stop on the world tour because
- its farm country, the farmers here help (or don't depending on your view) feed the world
- passing a tractor carrying a double load of tomatoes several times in one outing is something every Canadian should experience
- we have lots of history and all sorts of history. Chief Tecumseh died fighting back the Americans here, Uncle Tom set-up shop at the end of the underground rail road here in Dresden, and Henry Ford used to sail up the Thames to spend the weekend when Chatham was the playground of the wealthy.
- rural poverty, and small town poverty is visible in its own way here and in need of help
- we are host/home to several unique cultures including itnerate farm workers including Mennonites, Jamacians and Mexicans.
- sometimes new Canadians are sent here and wonder what the hell happended?!
- And if that's not enough to lure you, the mall closes at 6pm. Gotta love the small town.

Second, from a friend in Nicaragua, who was one of the kids in the project I worked in but has since graduated and is now working with the streetkids. I love his creativity and complete freedom in expressing himself. He writes (loosely translated from the Spanish):

The phrase that expresses my sentiments in a new word in the world - balgardmermi - and it means that I love you. I invented the word myself, you can use it. Don't worry, it's not patented.

Lastly, from our good friend Jordan Smith. Jordan, born on the same day as Chris and the same Chinese calendar year (they are 12 years apart) has decided to run for city councillor in London, Ontario. Jordan is 19. You should all visit his website at Jordan's platform is articulate, passionate and informed. That is exciting indeed.

(Chris here with an enthusiastically nodding interlude to highlight just a few of the very cool things some of my friends are up to: one just got a job as a prof in New Zealand, one is buying a house in Cambridge, one has started her own photography business, one just finished her degree in creative therapy, one is the new ED Chinese Canadian Council Toronto, one is thriving in a program where he is learning how to edit video, and of course there are all the new parents I am lucky to know! There are others, I could go on but I'm afraid we'll miss our bus.)

So, all this to say that I think you guys are all awesome. These are just a few examples of the exciting adventures of youse guys. Nevermind the baby bonanzas, that so many of you are doing such fascinating and good work, and that you are all great people just as you are. So, as much as I appreciate all your kind words, I would here now like to raise a toast to YOU. Drink it with relish. (That's relish enjoyment and not relish pickles.)


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Purl said...

My world blogging premiere!
I'm thrilled to be making my debut on your blog and pleased to share with your friends.
Safety to you to you both in your coming travels.