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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

from Siberia

Just a real quick post to say we're alive and well in Omsk, Russia en route by overnight train today to Tomsk. We've been in St Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, and now Omsk. We've visited Orthodox Cathedrals, Muslim Mosques, Kremlins, Lenin's Tomb, the Red Square... We've met tons of folks, including fellow travellers from Corsica, Australia, and Spain. We've met Tatar Russians, streetkids, a social justice agency with streetkids and folks with HIV, a former actress Regina who took us into her home, a Azerbaijani Muslim religion teacher, a Tatar woman, a young man Ivan en route home from 3 months in the US, a guy in the Russian military en route home from being posted near the Finnish border.

Our Russian sucks and we're doing our best to meet people and make our way. Miraculously I keep randomly ordering food and none of it contains meat. The train rides have been astounding. We saw the rolling Ural mountains covered in fall colours. Rivers, townships, cities. This, it seems, is Russia in all its magnificence and gore - poverty and great wealth side by side.

We are now about 2600km east of Moscow.

That's it for now. Internet access is scarce and Chris' turn is up next.

Much love to everyone out there!

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