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Sunday, September 10, 2006

On Itinerary

Our departure from Kerimäki is in three short days and we won't likely be blogging again between now and then, so here is our very rough itinerary for the next few months; you can follow along on your google maps at home:

Sept. 13, Kerimäki to Helsinki
Sept. 15, Helsinki to Tallinn, Estonia
Sept. 18, Tallinn to St. Petersberg, Russia
Oct. 2, Ulan-Ude, Russia to Kyakhta, Mongolia
Oct. 16, Erlian, Mongolia to Datong, China
Oct. 31-Nov. 2, Shanghai, China to Osaka, Hiroshima, and Iwakuni, Japan (to stay with brother Kevin)
Nov. 18, Tokyo, Japan to London, England
Nov. 21, London to Accra, Ghana

We will blog when possible, but possibly not until Japan as we will be in continual motion through incredibly exotic (to us) places, so don't worry if you don't hear from us for a while.



Amanda said...

We'll definitely keep checking for updates; you're now part of our morning nursing/coffee ritual! Although not conducive to blogging, your train ride will I'm sure be perfect for postcard-writing...and I've just resurrected my stamp collection so we're all set.

Good luck on your upcoming adventures; can't wait to hear about them!

Love, Amanda

Pamela & Michael Szala said...

It's amazing what you're doing! I know there will be lonely days where its just the two of you and MILLIONS of strangers, but know that in your hearts you have us wishing that we were there with you! Perhaps by your next blog update, Lily will be tap dancing ;-) Safe travels and know that you are loved! xo Pamela

Estelle Amaron said...

Continue to have a wonderful adventure. My Uncle (since deceased) told me on the eve of my first trip to Europe (I daren't tell you how long ago that was) that the best part of my travels was "right now" - the anticipation. Wondering what it would be like, what I'd see, who I'd meet, how I'd change...I think about that now, when I imagine you planning, preparing, beginning. Anticipate - and enjoy.

Love your blog
Estelle (from ACCES)

benjibopper said...

amanda, thanks so much for being a regular, we've been enjoying watching Cadence too!

Pamela, we wish you were here too - in fact i was just telling miia a good special power would be to clap your hands and have a chosen loved one appear for the day's travels.

Estelle, thanks so much for reading, and for that comment - i think it's true, anticipation is golden.