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Monday, November 20, 2006


I know that we've been doing more apologizing than posting details lately, and for now that sad trend must continue, largely due to ongoing jetlag and the fact that we have a flight to Ghana in the morning. We've had our ticket for several months but on our second last day in Japan we found reason to doubt that we would make that flight:

We had thought that we could get a visa to enter the country on arrival. Turns out we were wrong, and that processing a visa application takes 4 business days. Those 4 days should have started today, this being the first day of our time in London that the consolate has been open. Fortunately, we managed to get a rush job and we are now equipped with two very fresh 6-month visas.

So now, after being treated (last night) to a fantastic dinner with my York University buddy Zoe, her husband James, and their 3-year-old son Alex and 6.5-month-old daughter Julia, and then spending a lovely day with my friend Rachel, who now goes by Megan, whom I met when travelling and volunteering on organic farms in British Columbia, and finally an Indian feast at Masala Zone in Soho with Pranav (who we hosted in Toronto when he and Miia attended the same course on international refugee policy), Allison (who went to York with Miia and was on Greenest City's board with me), and Gemma (with whom we are staying and who Miia met in Warsaw at a conference), and Megan, we are about to pack and gain a much needed night's sleep. Seeing old friends in a new setting created a strangely delightful nostalgic newness, and it was great to catch up and create new memories. But here on the blog many stories remain untold, for now.

The craziest thing is that tomorrow evening we will be in West Africa meeting the incredible David Firang, Miia's U of Toronto classmate who has proved himself to be one of the most generous people alive in performing logistical gymnastics to ensure that we are welcomed and made comfortable and connected in Ghana. This arrival means that by the time of our next post there will be another million stories to be told.


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