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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Some apologies and updates

I did want to write more on the blog as we travelled but, as I'm sure you all understand, it's not always feasible. The Gobi Desert, for example, did not lend itself to www connetions and China seemed to have a complete block on blogger. Japan we did have more time but tentative connections and, well, sometimes you just have to opt to live life rather than write about it. Know what I mean? So I will try to write some updates here now in London over the next couple of days. There is, as always, much to say.

But for now...

We took the super fast Nozomi train from Iwakuni (the town where Chris' brother Kevin lives) to Tokyo yesterday. We managed the super efficient subway well and found our way to the international youth hostel, the 18th and 19th floors of a highrise in kinda central Tokyo. The view from the window in the room reminded me of Lost in Translation - sprawling cityscape as far as the eye can see. It's a bit daunting, really, and when Chris and I played a game this morning where we described each place we've visited in just three words, we both came up with "built/buildings" to describe Japan. Since we didn't see the whole country I'm not sure it applies across the board, but Tokyo is certainly the shining example.

At the same time, we walked down some lively streets full of restaurants, shops, offices, people coming and going. Even in the midst of such immense human settlement, we don't need to lose humanity.

This morning we were up early and went by subway and then train to Narita airport. And then, of course, the long flight though the food was yummy (quality Bento box!) and we saw lots of movies (Dave Chappelle's Block Party a highly recommended favourite). A strange incident on the plane was when the guy across the aisle from Chris bent over the arm rest of his chair into the aisle and we both thought he was looking for something but turns out he had completely passed out or was having some kind of seizure. We jumped to help him and hailed down the cabin crew who brought him a tank of oxygen and some water. Luckily there were enough spare seats to get him to lie down for the rest of the flight.

Into London and then by tube to my friend Gemma's place although, by funny coincidence, she's been called away to work in Calgary and we are being hosted by her great husband Andrei. As I write this I am dizzy with fatigue so will sign off here. There is much to tell and to think about. At this point, as we are at the end of one long leg of the journey and about to embark on another, it will be good to look back and think about the good, the bad and the ugly. Will try soon, I promise.

Much love to everyone, Miia

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