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Monday, November 27, 2006

Village Life

Hi folks,

Another short one as internet is moving slow and minutes are ticking fast. We are at a cafe in a small town near another small town a few hours north of Accra, where we attended the 3-day funeral of David Firang's mother. She was a well-respected elder of the community who died unexpectedly a few months ago. In Ghana funerals are usually held a few months after death and they are as much a period of celebration of the person's life as they are a final mourning period. Life in the village has been an incredible adventure that we will hopefully describe in some detail very soon, but for now know that we are safe and sound, despite the car accident we had on the way up here...more on that later too. Suffice it to say we are well, healthy, and enjoying this steep learning curve of an adventure.



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