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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Iwakuni Japan

1. Big Brother's deck 2. Japanese philosophy in the capitalist era, 3. Japanese grocery (in the captialist era)


Kaufman said...

My wife and I spent three years in that wonderfully mysterious land. The first shot looks vaguely like any given city in central Japan. Is Iwakuni somewhere in the centre of the main island?

The second is typical of an epidemic that began at some point when someone thought the English language, as worded by the astute Japanese English students, ought to appear on Japanese made clothing. It has a wide scope from the utterly absurd to the utterly sublime.

The third looks like a typical supa, much like ones we often pillaged in order to avoid death by starvation.

There are some things about Japan I miss and others I don't.

PS We made our first Japanese dish in six months the other night.

benjibopper said...

correcto sir! Iwakuni is quite close to Hiroshima. Big Bro gave me a great t-shirt of his as a souvenir, says 'Guru. Did anyone call him?' so completely random. i miss japanese food! including Toronto-japanese food!