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Friday, February 23, 2007


Editorial/Front Page: Accra Is Dying

And our lesson of the week is that sensational headlines sell. We've been using them all week, coupled with rather non-sensational stories, and sales are soaring. There's nothing inherently wrong with this article, which I wrote with some injections by Bossman, but my accompanying and much more progressive article about cycling was cut. Hopefully it will run next week along with some other alternative transportation pieces.


benjibopper said...

sorry folks I didn't realize that this is just the first half of the article, the front page part. The inside part is supposed to be under editorials on the website but it's not up yet, which is weird. but anyhoo i'll post that link when it's up.

benjibopper said...

looks like they aren't going to bother posting the second half of this to the web site. oh well.