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Monday, February 05, 2007

Moving and Mosquitoes

Good news! Miia and I have moved across town to an area called Kotobabi, which is much closer to my work and generally more central. Our friends Lydia and Edward rent an apartment there but rarely use it; they have a family house in another region and Edward works and lives up north. So, thanks to their generosity we now have a furnished 2-bedroom place with kitchen, living room, and even an air conditioner in our bedroom. Life just got a whole lot better. We miss Little John though, and will hopefully visit him occasionally.

In less exciting news Miia had a malaria scare last night. She felt about half dead as the sun hit the horizon, so we went to the nearest medical clinic, where the hesitating nurse on duty went through the motions of caring. She told Miia to take the anti-malarial meds just in case and prescribed an 'unfusion,' a drip of unknown contents that would pep the patient right up. Miia refused and I prescribed the old Sprite with salt, which tasted awful but worked. It was powerout night in our new neighbourhood, which made for a long, sweaty, mosquito infested night. While our laptop battery lasted we made the most with a Megan Follows movie about an artist/petty criminal who pretends to be a guardian angel for a rich drunk guy for kicks and cash. It was okay for a Canadian joint.


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