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Friday, April 27, 2007

Glasgow goodbye

Given time constraints we decided to leave Glasgow a bit earlier than expected, but we did manage to find my grandmother's resting place, where her ashes were scattered back in 1984. It's a beautiful garden where many people have been scattered, where relatives visit often, leave flowers and pictures at their favourite tree. We laid some flowers on the other side of a willow tree from another Margaret, born around the same time as Nanny, for company, said a prayer for her and thanked her for her kindness, cried a little, and had lunch on a nearby bench feeling very peaceful.

That night we paid one last visit to the Legion and met Auntie Ella's best friend Cathy Barnshaw, and a few others who knew her and shared some nice memories. Cathy thanked us for bringing those back. We were given more small gifts and left them with a small bottle of Bell's Scotch and a picture of us in Cape Breton. We also managed to confirm that all the Conways, Ella's children and grandchildren, had left Glasgow. My cousins David and Margo apparently moved south a few miles to a town starting with a K many years ago with the kids, but the Legion folks hadn't heard from them since.


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