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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Glaswegian Legion

We visited the British Legion's Scottish office, where my Great Auntie Ella and Great Uncle Davey were both Presidents for a number of years. They were remembered very fondly by those old enough to remember their tenure. Stuart Tailor showed us around with particular attention to many pictures of Ella adorning the walls, surrounded by men. She was known as a spitfire, a kind woman, but one who "didn't suffer fools" according to Stuart. He treated us to an Isle of Skye scotch, very fine, and we sat down with some of the members and shared travel stories. They remembered Ella, but not very well. A member of the social committee came by and gave us a little gift, a British pin and a Scottish pin, and begged us to come to Bingo night on Saturday, where there will be many oldtimers who will likely be able to tell us Ella and Davey stories. Can't wait.


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Amanda said...

Bingo!? Sooo jealous!!