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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


We arrived in Glasgow by train yesterday (we hitched almost to Scotland but at that point the rain, the time, and the oversized highways discouraged us - plus the train was cheap, highly recommended by a sweet elderly couple who drove us there - they took up rock climbing when they turned 60 - and gave us a gorgeous view of the rolling heather and masses of recently born sheep), Monday, had some haggis immediately after checking into the hostel. It was embedded in chicken, which was embedded in bacon, which was surrounded by broiled potatoes and veggies, fantastic. Miia had scampies. It turned out to be open mic night, which was mainly one 'host' singing most of the night, trying to prompt the 10 audience members to sing. Miia was the first (of two) to take him up on it. She nervously sang a couple songs on the host's very fine guitar, got a free beer for her troubles. It was beautiful. The other audience member who sang was a fortyish guy who sang a barritone ballod of young boys in trouble - it brought tears to my eye. Today we'll try to find the spot where my grandmother's ashes were spread back in '83.


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