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Monday, November 17, 2008


Hey folks, so we visited some friends in Dartmouth last week and they taught us how to felt, so we made our new felt feline friend 'Calderone' here.

The belly keeps growing and our new favourite song is 'any day now it will come.'

And we feel about as ready as we'll ever be. We've inflated the birthing pool and set up the crib and the change table and the outfits and birthing gear are all ready.

But we aren't too anxious or anything. We're following Moon's example. He has no worries whatsoever.

But, like the Hallowe'en pumpkin we carved with my brother, we can't help but get a little spooked once in a while.

Hopefully soon we'll have some even cuter pictures to post, and until then we'll keep you...posted.


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm looking forward to the first baby pics. Though probably not as much as you guys.

benjibopper said...

hopefully coming soon, but not before the season's first snowfall, which is upon us.

kissa said...

Now that is a bump to be proud of across the ocean I wait with you. The felt cat will have pride of place in the nursery I am sure.

benjibopper said...

Thanks Kissa, nice to know the whole world was excited as we were for Dylan's arrival.