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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Recession be Damned

Some random recent images here, including, among other things: Luke Doucet, who we saw live at the new concert venue/pub near our house (called Company House). Luke rocked amazing - what a fantastic Winnipeg guitar man, you really gotta check him out. Other recent funtimes included a trip to Grandma/Great-Grandma's house; Dylan and his friend Amelia's first experiences at the outdoor playground near our place; another bath; a sleepover at our house for a few good friends, during which we played truth or dare and Miia went minstrelling with a lampshade on her head; visits from my cousin and her 9-month-old and my other cousin and his pregnant girlfriend; Dylan has learned to stick out his tongue and does it every chance he gets. On a side-note, Bosh loves sleeping on Dylan's change table. He's even willing to share it sometimes while we change Dyl.


Charles Gramlich said...

What Bright Eyes!

benjibopper said...

even brighter in person!