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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

some new photos

One of my infamous self-portraits, couple-style, and some cute ones of the Dyl-dawg. He spit his sookie out and it flipped right onto his eye, he didn't mind. When it fell off he taught himself that, in spite of his best efforts, this particular Eeyore is inedible. Not a lot of photogging since these were taken - it's been a real flu-house here, lots of fever but thankfully no swine. We went to the doctor since his fever was over 38, but he's okay, and we learned that he's almost 20 pounds already! Now spring has finally sprung here and hopefully we'll get some shots of him loving backyard life soon.
Hugs y'all,


Charles Gramlich said...

That's something of a look of glee on his face as he bites Eyeore's head off. Hum! Should we be worried? lol

Amanda said...

I hope you're all feeling ok...!

benjibopper said...

CG: just be glad children don't carry guns.

Amanda: much better, thank you!

Furbottle said...

"just be glad children don't carry guns."

They don't?

benjibopper said...

well, not at our house anyway.