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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Toronto Pictures (Lots)

It's been a whirlwind trip to Ontario with lots of friends and family. I realize as I upload these pics how many people I failed to "capture" (i.e. steal their souls with the camera), incl. the Smiths, the Monteros, the Cribbs, the Haapalehtos, Pamela, Aimee, Crystal and the whole Finnish mafia. Plus probably many more... If Chris were here, I'm sure he'd be much better.
It's fun looking at all of these together and seeing the magnitude of people who are happy to be meeting Dyldawg for the first time. It's neat to have such a broad and big community.
OK, off to more of the same! M


Charles Gramlich said...

Dyldawg? Oh man, you are not going to start him out with that nickname! It's way too close to dillweed, which was probably one of my nicknames as a kid.

benjibopper said...

Love these pictures, but they're also sad 'cause I ain't there. Now I know how Dyldawg's faraway loved ones feel...luckily, just 2 more days to the family reunion.

Elizabeth said...

I miss Dylan (my beautiful boy). Today was sunny and a wee bit warmer than usual. Walking at lunch time and seeing all the strollers on Spring Garden, I wanted to pop over and take Dylan for a walk. Glad you are enjoying the trip. I'll have to find out who is who in the pics.