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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dylan Mika Kevin Benautio

At 10:15 AM, Thursday Nov. 20, right on time, after a frighteningly quick labour, we welcomed 10 pounds 7 ounces of Dylan Mika Kevin Benautio to our home. [He arrived to the tune of I'm Here by Martin Sexton. The first song I sang to him was Happiness by Ron Sexsmith.]

He was born in a wading pool in our living room. His mother is a champion.

We had to go it alone for the first few hours because Mr. Benautio brought with him the first snowstorm of the year and the midwife was snowed in. By the time she got here Miia was fully dilated and ready to push. Two hours later Dylan was in in her arms.

She's tired but despite having a giant of a first baby in record time she's doing very well. We feel very lucky to have been able to do this in our home, naturally, thanks to our amazing midwife Kelly, her partner Maren, and our good friends Jason, Jocelyn and Isabelle who prepared the birth water, made us food, took pictures and video, and were our invaluable moral support.

It was an amazing experience to say the least. Words can't do it justice. With Dylan it was love at first sight, and seeing Miia push him out I fell in love with her all over again too.

Mama Miia resting two days after passing a manchild.

An Uncle and a Nephew; Kevins both.

Julie loves her new Godson already.

Remnants of winter storm Dylan.

Bundly-joy baby.



Grammy is, ow do you say, delighted?


Deixis said...
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Deixis said...

Dylan hit the ground running, at birth already approaching the lead for having the name most fun at spelling bees, on the Benjamin side of affairs least-ways. (And there are one or two orthographic mind-benders in there already.)
Look at you two, with your noeologismic syntho-nyms! "Hey, not only can we create life, we can create non-patriarchal language at the same time!" [Lick finger; apply to hip; say 'Ssss!'; cue gansta beatz]

However you spell it, that is a big bowl of cute.

Charles Gramlich said...

How Cool! Congratulations. I'm so happy for the three of you. Glad the midwife got there. Might have been a bit scary otherwise.

mri said...

Huge congrats to you three (plus cats)! Good energy is incoming from Toronto~

foam said...

i'm so happy for ya'll!!!! congratulations!
how great that you were able to do it your way..
seeing those first baby photos brings back so much memories.

Amanda said...

Congratulations! So proud of you...thanks so much for sharing the story & the pictures...can't wait for more! Lots of love from Drew, Amanda, & Cadence

Anonymous said...

Congratultions Chris and Miia. My thoughts are with you. Hoping that all is going well. Hope to see you all soon. I may be up next weekend (weather permitting)and then Anne and I hope to have a small visit. Welcome aboard Dylan Mika Kevin Benautio. I'm sure that you will earn everyone of your names. All the best Auntie Sharon

Melissa said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! What fabulous news--so happy for all three of you. Give a big welcome hug to Dylan for me, the little cutie. : )

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Wooo hoo!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it was the most exiting call I´ve ever received when Miia phoned about the birth of Dylan Mika Kevin. One more time: Congratulations! You have all the reasons to be proud and happy parents. And we all are sooo happy and proud of you three.
From: Miia´s dad and all the folks in Finland.
PS: Already exited about you visit here next summer.

kissa said...

WOW!Welcome to the world little Dylan and congrats to Chris and Miia and thanks to all who were involved. Love the photos and the emotion which peppered them even felt from here in the UK.
Take care and enjoy all that is to come. Love Claire

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm so happy for you two.

- Erin

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm so happy for you two.

- Erin

benjibopper said...

Thanks everyone for your kindnesses and good wishes. We're having a ball with Dylan so far - he's a great little eater. We'll post more pictures and perhaps some words soon.

Jason said...

Im eating noodles,up all night with the neglect-a-rinos
and I love ewes
Dylan is already a week into it!!

benjibopper said...

howdy-hey neglecterinos!