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Sunday, March 15, 2009

happening here

Been a crazy busy couple weeks for us. Here are some of the highlights:
-Dylan is learning how to sit up, getting there, and concurrently:
-Dylan is learning to stand, and concurrently:
-Dylan is learning to pick things up and put them in his mouth. He is doing a lot of this.
-The boy is literally off the charts in size; he's about the size of an 8 month old and he's not yet 4 months - how did we sire this giant?
-We spent the weekend at my folks' place for my dad's birthday; there's no crib there but luckily Dylan still fits in a suitcase anyway
-Dylan likes reading with me, whether it's Snuggle Puppy or Naomi Wolfe; notice in this picture he's already looking a page ahead of me
-We went to see CBC Radio's 'Go', "the only live variety show in Canada", which was in town for the 'Canada Writes' contest, and featured 'This Hour Has 22 Minutes'' Shaun Majumder, who is hi-larious. Also, the host, Brent Branbury, is very buff.
-We hosted a brunch that spiralled into a largish event with more than 20 people coming by. A crokinole tournament broke out. I lost, which is unusual.
-A new bar opened near us and it has loads of good events. We went there with my mother and brother and Dylan for international women's day, and saw the Raging Grannies do their thing.
-Danny Michel finally came to Halifax! We saw him at The Carleton and he put on a great show as usual. The sound was great but the layout of the venue is strange; it's V-shaped so the musician doesn't know which side of the room to face. I felt Danny favoured our side. My brother felt he favoured the other side. Half-empty half-full? I dunno. It was fun and we chatted with him at the intermission, friendly guy. There were no free buttons though.
-And now, Miia's mother is in town to visit her grandson. Surely hundreds more photos will result.


Charles Gramlich said...

What are you feeding the little guy. He's growing like a weed!

benjibopper said...

um, breastmilk. every day.

Melissa said...

I thought he looked big for a 4-month old, but thought to myself, "but what do I know?" Apparently that.

What I didn't know, was that that's what Brent Banbury looks like. That's really him??? I always pictured him as a gangly sort of geeky guy...beanpole like, a bit old...maybe like a Conan O'Brien type. Well, that ain't no Conan O'Brien type... Radio is weird.

benjibopper said...

yeah it is a mindbender: i expected kinda chic geek i guess, but then i saw him on cbc tv and he looked like a politician. then i see him live and he looks like a fullback.